A Vision for Tomorrow

The vision starts here...

Anyone can run for office. And, we all have our motivations for wanting to serve. My mission and vision comes from a personal space and a life spent living and working in St. Clair Shores. My grandmother built a business in our city in 1967 called the House of Beauty. May you've been there? My grandmother taught me simple yet powerful lessons that helped me to craft a vision for this campaign and my plan for our city. Simply put:

  • The experience of our residents is critically important and needs to be improved and modernized - from getting a building inspection to paying your city bill online

  • Business investment and economic development are the heartbeat of SCS and open opportunities for our residents and broader community alike

  • Our lake is precious and must be protected so that generations to come of future SCS residents can enjoy the water the same way we do today

  • Communication is important. We must tell our story to the community and to people across our state so they know what makes SCS great