Dustin Hoffman for St. Clair Shores City Council

Join the movement to move our city forward! Go with the name you know, Dustin Hoffman

A Vision for Change

The vision is simple. I want to create a vibrant and inclusive city the residents of St. Clair Shores are proud to call home. Our city has so much untapped potential that we can harness. A location that is second to none, a diverse and talented community of residents and a business community that is looking for opportunities to thrive. Together, we can make this happen and move our city forward, truly making St. Clair Shores a prime and sought-after destination

The Resident Experience

The city is here to serve SCS residents. As a city we need to provide digital services (e.g. online bill pay), improved customer service at City Hall and a "frictionless" way to serve resident needs. Learn more

Put SCS on the Map

SCS has the potential to be a true destination for locals and visitors alike. Yet no one knows about the great businesses and events the city has to offer. We need to market our city and tell our story! Learn more

Businesses First

As a city, we need to partner with business owners to remove bureaucratic barriers that prevent investment, expansion and growth in the business community. The time to change is now! Learn more

Keep Lake St. Clair Clean

Our lake is one of the most treasured natural assets in Michigan. We need to aggressively hold those who pollute our lake accountable, and partner with state and federal officials to work and implement a real plan for change. Learn more

Ready to Take Action?

Contact Dustin directly at hoffman.dustin@gmail.com to learn more about how you can get involved and take action!