City Issues

Learn where Dustin Hoffman stands on key city issues and explore his platform and ideas to propel St. Clair Shores forward

St. Clair Shores is a great city and a wonderful place to call home. If elected to SCS City Council, in addition to the day-to-day responsibilities of the office, I will also focus on implementing a platform that is supported by four critical issues or themes:

  • The Resident Experience

  • Put SCS on the Map

  • Businesses First

  • Keep Lake St. Clair Clean

Click on the topic headers below to learn about the details and some of the proposed plans that will bring these themes to life over my term on SCS City Council.

The Resident Experience

A former boss once told me "if you can't measure it, you can't focus on it and more importantly you can't fix it." Throughout my life and my professional career this phrase has helped guide me through efforts to improve companies, businesses and my personal life. As part of my platform for city council, I'm bringing this phrase to light. Our city and the elected officials and employees in its care need to put the needs of our residents first. Listening to issues, working toward solutions and providing "frictionless" experiences when conducing business with our city are paramount. In order to measure, track and improve the resident experience we will:

  • Launch an annual SCS resident satisfaction survey program. This tracking study will measure resident satisfaction across key city departments including Parks and Recreation, City Clerk, Billing, Community Development, Activities and others.

  • Create a new city department under the guidance of a newly created position, the SCS Chief Experience Officer. This new position and department will be in charge of improving the resident experience, acting on satisfaction survey recommendations and creating a roadmap of initiatives to implement.

While the satisfaction survey and supporting positions will take some time to implement, we will make immediate progress on:

  • Expanding online bill payment methods for resident expenses including water, taxes and other city bills.

  • Enhancing the city's digital channels (including website, social media and others) to house key documents, processes and other key pieces of information residents need.

  • Making the city budget simple and easy to understand for residents so that there is greater transparency and increased resident participation in the process of funding our city's operations.

  • Enabling an escalation process for residents to handle complaints and problems that rise above the city's normal operating process.

  • Plowing the streets. We will set up a study committee that will examine various solutions that we can employ to ensure our streets and intersections are plowed during the winter months.

Put SCS on the Map

Our city has done a great job over the past few years with setting up new and fun community events across our various venues. These events bring the community together and also demonstrate the potential to create and make SCS a destination, not only for our residents but for our guests in the surrounding communities and across the state. However, these events are one of our best kept secrets and we need to get the word out! Using my 20 years experience in marketing and communications I will:

  • Establish a new working committee in our city charged with marketing and communications. Specifically, developing strategies and tactics to effectively market and promote our city, local businesses and events.

  • Our marketing and public relations committee will act on our strategies to drive increased commerce and engagement across our community, ultimately increasing revenue for businesses and our city, while at the same time bringing communities together through enriching events and programs.

  • For our larger signature events, we will explore adding additional professional event staff who can bring industry expertise to our work, ultimately ensuring events run smoothly and efficiently for attendees, volunteers and our surrounding neighborhoods.

Businesses First

In 1967, my grandmother opened a beauty salon on Harper across from Nino's in St. Clair Shores. For almost 45 years, the House of Beauty stood as a pillar in the St. Clair Shores business community, offering quality services at reasonable prices. Growing up I worked almost daily with my grandmother and learned the value of having strong and successful businesses in our community. Like our residents, strong businesses are the backbone of St. Clair Shores and underpin our ability to be successful for generations to come. That's why today, we are starting the SCS Businesses First Initiative. This key strategic initiative will:

  • Form a small, yet focused task force of local business leaders to serve as advisors and thought leaders, ultimately building a roadmap to attract and retain businesses in St. Clair Shores.

  • Institute a 6 month study program focused on creating strategies around economic development across the Shores, notably forming economic development zones, creating tax incentives and, where appropriate, working with businesses to wave zoning variances that may otherwise stifle economic and business growth.

  • Partner with SCS private land owners who have had vacant properties for extended periods of time in key zones across SCS, most notably in the Harper corridor. This partnership will bring together commercial building owners, the city and other community stakeholders in order to transform these vacant buildings (or lots) into thriving businesses that will support the local community.

  • Establish an incubator program that will attract entrepreneurs to SCS by providing them the space, tools, marketing and other tactics they need to grow and flourish.

Additionally, I've heard directly from business owners across the city concerning the permit process and regulations from outside fences to gumball machines in the lobby. While we work to set up the SCS Business First Initiative, we will also carefully review regulations and procedures that are in place today that may be harming business growth with little to no benefit for the city and our residents.

Keep Lake St. Clair Clean

Lake St. Clair is our city's most important asset, and arguably one of the most important water ways in Michigan. Our city has worked hard for years to ensure the lake is clean through policies and thousands of hours of volunteer efforts. The time has come now for us to join together and "double down" on these efforts:

  • Increase funding and focus to the already in-flight volunteer groups and efforts to patrol and maintain the health of our lake.

  • Take an active posture and work closely with Macomb County to reduce and limit the pollution that spills into our lake every year.

  • Establish partnerships and working groups with State and Federal authorities to develop more comprehensive plans and policies to support a clean and fresh Lake St. Clair.

  • And, where needed, put "mussel" behind our words through legal strategies and tactics, ultimately bringing the efforts to keep Lake St. Clair clean to the public forefront in Lansing and Washington DC.

Together, we can keep Lake St. Clair clean for generations to enjoy.